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I guess it about time that I go into further explanation about donating. So if you're paying with someone else's card MAKE SURE that they read all of this information. First off we want you to know that all of your information is private when you donate except for the name that your paypal or credit card is listed under. The owner keeps this information private. The owner of the server is the only person who has access to the paypal account that the donations are sent to. The box that says 'donate anonymously' is for when you don't want us to know the name your card is listed under. The hard part about that is it's hard for us to tell who the donation is from when you do so anonymously. The way it works is that when we recieve a donation we ask the player what the card is listed under or they tell us what the card is listed under and they recieve their perks (in game money, special items, special commands. things that normal users don't have access to either at all or they only can get the items or money in small amounts at a time normally). So without having a name to list it under anyone can say they donated and we have no idea who actually donated (that's why we try to stress the importance of not being anonymous). We want those who donated to get the perks that they donated for. This server is run 100% off of donations so we need as much help as we can get. The owner has to pay out of pocket when we don't have enough to cover the bill and it's not cheap to pay for server hosting. What server hosting is, is when the owner pays a company to run the server off of their computers so that the server can run smoothly and hold a large number of players at one time. It also allows us to have multiple plugins for different games and functions within our server. You'd have to be rich to own and maintain a computer that could do the job that the server hosts' computers do.  So now you can see why we ask for donations. If you want more information on what you're getting in return for your donation go into our minecraft server. The IP is and once you're logged on type /warp donatorinfo. If you have any other concerns or questions you can either type in the comment section below or you can send us an email right through the website by clicking the 'CONTACT US' button, toward the top, on the bar just below the Ripjaw logo. Thank you and as always, happy minecrafting!!! :D

bbjjcc anyone still go on this website?
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